Our Services

1) New & Used Suzuki & Mercury outboard

We at Blue Sea Marine offers new and used Suzuki and Mercury outboard for your watercraft, which are both durable and reliable and at a fair price.

2) In & outboard Service

For any inboard and outboard services, we, are the one stop you should invest your faith in, since we prioritize our customers over everything else.

We reassure to take care of all your requirements to reduce your boat's downtime.

We supply resources such as fiberglass work, shrink-wrapping, transmission work, oil changes and boat detailing. Being inboard specialists for over a span of 20 years now, we provide you will ALL inboard services like PCM Crusader, Mercruiser, Ski Nautique, Malibu, Supra, Centurion and MasterCraft to name a few of the many.

3) Marine Electronics

Blue Sea Marine offers a wide range of marine electronics that your boat needs. Our range includes everything from navigation electronics to marine communication electronics, safety electronics, fishing electronics to entertainment electronics like marine stereos and satellite TV for your boat. The electronics offered by us are available in many brands at competitive rates so that you only choose the best.

Whatever your marine electronics needs are, we make sure to offer it. Learn your electronic needs, compare and buy your boating electronics all in one place.

4) Electric Rigging

We know and understand the importance of electrical rigging in a boat more than anyone else.

So, we strive to provide quality and precision work.

Our rigging crew provides the best services when it comes to installing, maintaining and repairing of all cable and distribution equipment in your boat.

5) Fiberglass & Gelcoat Repairs

The most disheartening thing to anyone owning a boat is to witness their boat's fiberglass damaged, but we come bearing good news that fiberglass damage can be undone to make it look and function like brand new. Our staff is composed of the finest professionals in boat body repair in the area who can work up magic to fix all your fiberglass issues so that you'll be back to boating in no time.

In need of a major boat repair? Or need a new paint job done?

Well, here we have the most specialized staff to look after your boat with such consideration that the day you take it back into the waters it looks finer than the day you bought it.

6) Boat Maintenance Programs

Bring your boat to us for the care and enhancement it need. We provide quality and scheduled maintenance, regular services at competitive rates for your boat to get you on the water safely and smoothly when in need.

7) Boat Transport

National as well International Boat Transport. Fully licensed. Insured carriers. Reliable, safe and cost-effective.

8) Marine upholstery

Blue Sea Marine upholstery fabrics carry the legendary performance that boat enthusiasts would trust for their boats. The fabrics that our upholstery is made up of are durable, fade resistant, stain resistant and easy to clean. Our fabrics stand up to life on the water–and the mold, mildew and salt residue that come with it. Blue Marine has a whole variety of beautiful, quality upholstery fabrics to choose from and customize a look all on your own. Cherish each voyage with our finest quality upholstery!

9) Boat Sales

At Blue Sea Marine, we offer a whole range of new and used boats at a fair price and top-notch quality to give you the experience you want with taking a deep dive in your pockets.

10) Shrink wrap

Even the boat needs protection from the snow and ice it'll be exposed to during those cold, long & unbearably windy months. The solution? SHRINK WRAP. It'll keep your boat warm when the sun shines and dry on the worst days.

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